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As I write this blog, it’s cold outside; and it’s also grey and getting dark and my memories of Brazil, the warmth of the sun on my skin and the feel of sand between my toes is starting to fade.

I thought that writing this post might delay those memories from fading a little longer.

At the very least it’ll make me smile, and hopefully make you slightly envious.

Almost 3 weeks, or 19 days is how long we were on the continent of South America, in the country of Brazil.

Our journey started with excitement: at seeing our friends and their children, at discovering something new to eat or drink, and most of all…just some time to relax and absorb some vitamin D.

I’d truly bore you if I gave you an everyday account of what happened while we were away.

Not because it was in the least bit boring, but because it was my holiday not yours, and the truth is that you’d rather enjoy it than read about it.

But what I will do is give you a brief synapse of what our journey was like.

Read what you like, or just scroll through the pictures.

We arrived on the 24th of December, in Sao Paolo.  Those of you that aren’t aware, (I wasn’t until this trip) Brazilians celebrate Christmas (the meal, family time and the presents) on Christmas Eve. We were lucky, we got treated to a meal that Juliana’s mother had been preparing for 3 days… it was an amazing start to our holiday. And we should’ve realised then that this wasn’t going to be a holiday where we came out at the end, the same size that we went it.

Our next day was in Salvador, where we were met by our friends friend, (Duda) who, through a shared love of all things food and eating, became a very good friend of ours.  Within the first 30 minutes of meeting, Duda had us eating Acaraje, it’s a bean paste fried in Palm Oil which is then cut in half and filled with spicy pastes made from shrimp, ground cashewspalm oil.  It was so good that we had another. (no one told us that they contained 800 calories each!)

Acaraje being fried

Acaraje frying

Acaraje (A credit to Duda for hand modelling)


Acaraje ladies (yes that’s what they’re called)

Brazil 242

Over the next few days, we spent some time at the beach; ate Mocequa 20 mins after walking away (full) from a typical Brazilian BBQ and seeing the sites and loving Salvador.

Brazil 016

Cheese grilled on the beach then dipped in chilli flakes then drizzled with honey.

Brazil 009

Some images from being out and about in Salvador

The impressive Igreja de São Francisco with it’s gold gilded hall.

Brazil 188 Brazil 190 Brazil 191

The historic centre of Salvidor, Largo do Pelourinho

Brazil 193

A produce market in Salvador, Feira de São Joaquim


Brazil 217

An old scale

Brazil 224

Massive Squash’s

Brazil 226

Dried Shrimp

Brazil 227

Morro de Sao Paolo is a small island very close to Salvador.  It has the most pristine beaches, no cars or roads (there’s a fair bit of walking up and down hills) and there’s something for everyone, from the partying backpacker to the honeymooning couple and the family of 4.

I got up at the crack of dawn (only once as it was my holiday!) to take some images.

 Brazil 079 Brazil 110

This was where we stayed, Villa Guaiamu,  Right next to the beach and with it’s protected blue crabs it was the perfect place to unwind.

Brazil 130

Brazil 065

Second Beach

Brazil 149


Christ the Redeemer was unfortunately covered in clouds when we went up to view it.  However I felt that this added to the sense of drama and awe of the statue.

It also allowed for some images that weren’t your usual ones with blue sky…. (that’s me seeing the glass half full)

Brazil 254

Sugar Loaf (or the view from)

Brazil 271

We had a fantastic time, but I did keep my camera away for a lot of the trip.  Mainly because I needed some time to just unwind. But also because sand and camera’s aren’t a great mix, and there was a lot of sand / beach time.