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Grill Smoke BBQ – The Cookbook

Grill Smoke BBQ is Ben Tish’s (of Salt Yard Group Restaurants) newest book.   It’s one of those books that does what it says on the Tin.  Love to cook with fire or know someone that does?  Get it. We shot this book in 7 different amazing British locations and it was one of the …MORE


So I’ve kept this one under wraps, but for the last year Olia Hercules and I, along with Style Department have had the luck and opportunity to work with Nando’s. I’ve always been a fan of Nando’s, ever since my first visit on a 3rd date with my then girlfriend and now wife Jasmin.  I liked …MORE

Homemade Takeaway

Mmmmm…Takeaway… I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like some form of takeaway.  Friday night Curry or Pizza… A Cornish Pasty, or maybe a bit of Chinese food… I love fish and chips (but the good kind, crispy batter, thick fresh fish, full of flavour – this is why I usually make it myself)  Perhaps …MORE


Mamushka was released on the 4th of June and was written by Olia Hercules. Olia and I spent so much time together working on this book that I now consider her a close friend. My journey for this book started with a trip out of Gatwick airport to visit the lovely country that is Ukraine.  I didn’t know …MORE

Caribbean Modern

Caribbean Modern… so it’s finally here. I’ve been busy, so busy that I haven’t been able to post any blogs up for a few months… but I’m going to make up for that. Starting with this: If you’ve been paying any attention to my social media you’ll know that I was able to have 2 …MORE

Bank Holiday Weekend

Do you have plans for this May bank holiday weekend? (or the long weekend as we call it in Canada) Normally I do 1 of 2 things on a long weekend. I either go away, leaving all my worries and responsibilities at home, or I spend time with my family and friends. This usually involves …MORE

Chick n Sours

When I think of Fried Chicken, I think of late night eating, that stop on the way home from having 1 or 2 too many drinks. You know what I mean, you’ve been there. It’s that meal that you wish you didn’t eat as soon as you finish it.  It’s battery farmed, way too salty, been …MORE

Green Kitchen Travels – Sainsbury’s Magazine

It’s a new year! I know that I’m a bit late in the game wishing you a happy new year. But I’m one of those people that think anything is better late than never. So… Happy New Year! I was in Brazil over new year, actually I was in brazil over Christmas as well, (I’ll …MORE


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot with Sweetapple, a bespoke catering company in London. Rachel the owner, chef, tea-maker and everything else has put together a fantastic small catering company. Now when I say small, I don’t mean that they can’t do big events, I mean that everything that they do …MORE


     Christmas is here! Ok it’s not, not yet at least, but it’s december and it’s starting to get cold (finally, it’s been the warmest autumn since I arrived in London). So you’re starting to think about what to cook for your guests over the festive period? If you’re not you should be… ordering a …MORE