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Mamushka was released on the 4th of June and was written by Olia Hercules. Olia and I spent so much time together working on this book that I now consider her a close friend. My journey for this book started with a trip out of Gatwick airport to visit the lovely country that is Ukraine.  I didn’t know …MORE

Caribbean Modern

Caribbean Modern… so it’s finally here. I’ve been busy, so busy that I haven’t been able to post any blogs up for a few months… but I’m going to make up for that. Starting with this: If you’ve been paying any attention to my social media you’ll know that I was able to have 2 …MORE

Chick n Sours

When I think of Fried Chicken, I think of late night eating, that stop on the way home from having 1 or 2 too many drinks. You know what I mean, you’ve been there. It’s that meal that you wish you didn’t eat as soon as you finish it.  It’s battery farmed, way too salty, been …MORE

Eye Crave

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a designer from Eye Crave, a foodie magazine based in Hong Kong. They wanted to interview me and to find out how I take my photos.  It’s just been published today, so if you’re in Kong Kong, grab a copy for yourself and one for me too …MORE

TED Restaurant Kings Cross

Think Eat Drink TED Restaurant Kings Cross I’ve got a fantastic new restaurant to tell you about. This restaurant isn’t just fantastic because they hired me to shoot it…although this doesn’t count against them! I shot T.E.D. Kings Cross a few weeks ago and decided to go back with my wife on the following friday evening. …MORE

London Pop Up Restaurant

Monday June 2nd! I can’t believe that we are almost half way through the year! To celebrate, I recommend that you find a London Pop Up Restaurant, book your self in and get carried away with the festivities. I was having a conversation with a mate the other day and he mentioned that it’s amazing …MORE

Finalist images for Pink Lady Food Photographer of the year

  Last night was the Taittinger winners reception where they announced the winner of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the year. I wasn’t able to attend the event as I’m currently out of the country. However I can now reveal my images that were shortlisted. Between 5500 and  6000 images were entered into this …MORE

Foraging for my Sunday dinner – Wild Mushrooms

  The Charcoal Burner, Puffball, Wood Blewit, Jews Ear, Boletus, Yellow Russula and Shaggy Parasol… What do all of these words that I’m throwing at you have in common? They’re a fungus. My favourite type, the edible kind!  Or as we like to call them… wild mushrooms. I spent Sunday foraging in the Chilterns , or more precisely, a very small …MORE

So this is it. My first blog post.

So this is it.  My first blog post.  I have big ideas about this space… From great shots and restaurant reviews to recipes and even some guest writing.  I honestly don’t know what the full scope of this adventure will be but if nothing else it will be interesting. Some of the recipes will be …MORE