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Those of you that know me, know I have deep ties to Malaysia. My mother, although of South Indian heritage, was born there, my wife Jasmin (coincidentally) is also from Malaysia – We were married in Kuala Lumpur the capital city and visit on a fairly regular basis. I doubt that anyone who has visited …MORE


Mamushka was released on the 4th of June and was written by Olia Hercules. Olia and I spent so much time together working on this book that I now consider her a close friend. My journey for this book started with a trip out of Gatwick airport to visit the lovely country that is Ukraine.  I didn’t know …MORE


As I write this blog, it’s cold outside; and it’s also grey and getting dark and my memories of Brazil, the warmth of the sun on my skin and the feel of sand between my toes is starting to fade. I thought that writing this post might delay those memories from fading a little longer. …MORE


Ukraine. The name itself these days conjures up images of protests, war, flights being downed and a struggle of a small country resisting a larger one. That’s why, it might surprise you to hear that when I went there this summer for work (to shoot part of a cookbook), I fell in love. And still today, …MORE

Eating around Budapest

At the beginning of summer, my wife and I went to Budapest for a long weekend. I’d never been, but have heard so many great things about their cafe culture, their baths and spas and how generally lovely the city is. What I didn’t expect was the quality of the food, from the little cafes …MORE