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Grill Smoke BBQ – The Cookbook

Grill Smoke BBQ is Ben Tish’s (of Salt Yard Group Restaurants) newest book.  

It’s one of those books that does what it says on the Tin.  Love to cook with fire or know someone that does? 

Get it.

We shot this book in 7 different amazing British locations and it was one of the most interesting and fun books that I’ve had the pleasure of ever working on.

To top it off, our final day was the day I realised that I had the best job in the world.  (And I’ve told this story countless times but here’s the short version)

Imagine sitting on a beach on an Island in East England… blue sky, a fire pit smouldering and smoking away next to the waves. Lobster, Crab, Paella… all cooked over ash and fire.  It was my job to make sure I tasted everything. Oh and to shoot some photos as well! 


Since it was our last day of shooting we decided to hit the oyster bar for some Rose and Oysters before everyone headed back to London.

Some of the other locations that we shot in were:

The Charcoal Yard of the London Log Company  – Thanks to Mark Parr (Lord Logs).  That was a cold one, the day after it snowed in February.

SGB_Enviromental_Day1_49 copy

Epping Forest

Day4_Grill_Smoke_BBQ_0102 copy

Mile End Canal

2GSB 58

Stepney City Farm,

Day 5 Grill Smoke BBQ 062 copy 

Ben’s Back Yard

Day 3 Grill Smoke BBQ 04 copy

and the place that started it all the Ember Yard Restaurant 

Day6 Grill Smoke BBQ 003 copy

Ben Tish and Jacques Fourie did all of the food and Tamzin Ferdinando was our brilliant prop stylist.

Below are a few more of my favourite images from the book.

If I’ve convinced you to buy it… here’s the link to make it easy

But you don’t need to take my word for it… read some of the reviews on the Amazon link.

Chargrilled Duck breast with peas, broad beans and hot mint sauce (page 88)


Grilled Lobster with smoked butter (page 128)4GrilledLobsterSmokedButter

Grilled Mackerel with fennel yogurt and sumac salad (page 50)5GrilledMackerelFennelYogurtSumac

Paella (pg 158)


Slow Cooked Hogget Shoulder with cumin, smoked paprika and buttermilk dressing (page 130) and Mark’s hands 7GSB61

Walnut Coffee Cake with Salted Caramel and Clotted Cream (page 228).8WalnutCake