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Homemade Takeaway

Mmmmm…Takeaway… I don’t know a single person that doesn’t like some form of takeaway.  Friday night Curry or Pizza… A Cornish Pasty, or maybe a bit of Chinese food… I love fish and chips (but the good kind, crispy batter, thick fresh fish, full of flavour – this is why I usually make it myself) 

Perhaps you have a sweet tooth? Hitting a cafe for a bit of cake or a doughnut or 2?

But here’s the problem. We don’t actually know what some of these restaurants actually put in their food. So how to make a guilty pleasure a little less guilty?  

Step up Rob Allison with Homemade Takeaways.  It’s a brilliant book full of Italian, British, American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Sweet things and so much more!

There’s something to make out of this book every day of the week.

No matter what you’re craving, here’s a way to make that takeaway a little less sinful. And also make it taste better!

Homemade Takeaway was released on July 4th. You can pick it up on Amazon here

The cover alone is reason enough to buy this book! (Not to mention Rob’s fantastic recipes!)

Food Styling by Rob Allison

Prop styling by Jenny Iggleden

Layout and Design by Smith and Gilmour 

Published by Orion

Photography by yours truly

American Pork Ribs


Chinese Chicken and Cashew


Cornish Pasty


Leg of Lamb Biryani 


Prawn Curry


Mushroom Taleggio Spinach Pizza




Black Forest Gateau


Jam filled Doughnuts


Mango and Coconut Ice Lollies