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So I’ve kept this one under wraps, but for the last year Olia Hercules and I, along with Style Department have had the luck and opportunity to work with Nando’s.

I’ve always been a fan of Nando’s, ever since my first visit on a 3rd date with my then girlfriend and now wife Jasmin.  I liked everything about it.  The food, service, fact that I had already paid so I could get up and leave when I was ready and the music… (there’s more but no need to oversell it).

So 8 years after my first Nando’s I was very excited to have the opportunity to pitch (and win!) for a job with Nando’s!

Olia and I have been shooting images for the new Nando’s website, as well as social media and anything else that they can come up with.

It’s been a fantastic experience, which is still ongoing, and I must say that the amount of chicken that I’ve been able to eat is staggering.  I’ve even impressed myself!

Below are some photos from our shoots, plus make sure you check out their newly designed, amazing website here.

You’ll be able to see some of my photos on their Instagram  and Facebook accounts as well.

For the longest time my favourite was a half chicken (hot) with coleslaw and chips… nowadays I’m hitting the 4 thighs (hot) with Fino slaw and chips, and a lot of wild herb sauce on the side…

Scroll down to see some of our photos now!

The Hero at Nando’s!Nandos Chicken

Order lots and Share!Sharing Platter Experiance

Nando’s can be healthy too!QuinoaSaladHeroNandos PitaFinoColeslawHero

Haven’t tried their piri dip or salt???? You need to!Peri Fries and Peri Dip Malt

Play a bit of Russian Roulette with your friends… Nando’s styleWingRoulette_Grab2

Churrasco Burger…. Thigh Burger Experience